Immune Health

Immune Health

Unlike “conventional” doctors, naturopathic physicians are not limited to using medications for treating illnesses. We focus on treating the root cause of disease, not only the symptoms. Some signs of immune system imbalance are:
    • Coughs/ colds/ flu

    • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

    • Lyme disease

    • EBV (mono virus)

    • Autoimmune conditions

    • Allergies

    • Food intolerances/ leaky gut

    • Candida/ yeast overgrowth

  • We make individualized treatment plans for each patient. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach!

  • Nutrition and supplements

    • At the foundation of a healthy immune system is a healthy diet and supplement routine, including vitamins, natural herbs, and homeopathic remedies.

  • Vitamin (Meyers) IVs

    • A powerful dose of vitamin C, B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and selenium is great for speeding up recovery and restoring energy.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide IVs

    • Peroxide IV therapy is an alternative or adjunct to antibiotics, helping the body to fight off infections.

  • Ozone IVs

    • For this powerful anti-inflammatory treatment, ozone is added to a patient’s blood, allowing it to circulate throughout the whole body. Many people chose to get ozone IVs up to 1-2 times per month to keep their body in top shape. Ozone IVs are also great when coming down with a cold or virus to support the immune system.

  • Ozone Minor

    • An ozone shot is commonly used as a natural “flu shot”, to boost the immune system, and to treat or prevent infections and viruses.

  • Ozone Ear Treatments

    • Ear infections are usually viral, not bacterial, so antibiotics are not always effective. Ozone is an effective anti-viral, and helps support the immune system, so it is a natural choice for ear infections.

  • Ozone Sinus Treatments

    • For sinus infections, congestion, and allergies, consider getting an ozone sinus treatment. Ozone addresses the inflammation in the sinuses, takes care of any infections, and promotes normal drainage to relieve sinus congestion.

  • Specialty lab testing may be used when diagnosing a condition. In many cases, insurance can cover all or part of these tests.