Aesthetics and Natural Beauty

We believe that it is important to take care of ourselves both inside and out.


  • PRP Microneedling Facial

    • PRP offers exceptional results for reducing wrinkles, eliminating acne scars, and improving tone and texture of the skin. A patient’s own blood cells are spun down to isolate platelets, proteins, and growth factors. These are then microneedled into the skin of the face (or neck, chest, hands, or abdomen) along with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and glutathione. A numbing cream makes the procedure quite comfortable. The result is increased formation of collagen, an important protein for skin health and anti-aging.

  • PDO “Sugar Thread” Lift

    • PDO threading is a small suture (stitch) placed under the skin and over time dissolves to form collagen. Threads are used to lift and support sagging or thinning skin of the face or neck, to enhance the lips, and to fill fine lines such as in the forehead or crow’s feet. There is little to no down-time, and results are long-lasting.

  • Facial Peels

    • Chemical formulations stimulate top layers of skin to peel and regenerate, resulting in glowing, more youthful-appearing skin.

  • Botox ®

    • Wrinkles are created by muscles contracting over time and creasing the skin. By relaxing those muscles, the look of wrinkles can be dramatically improved, or even prevented.

  • Fillers

    • Volume loss in the face is a common sign of aging, and can be corrected with filler injections. Filler can also be used to enhance the shape of lips, or correct small depressions in the skin.

  • Female Rejuvenation Injections

    • Ideal for women experiencing incontinence, reduced sexual pleasure, or decreased vaginal tone.